Belinda Womack

Belinda Womack is the author of "Lessons from the 12 Archangels, Divine Intervention in Daily Life." She has been teaching with the Angels for over 28 years and is delighted to share their incredible and miraculous tools for healing the subconscious wounds that are blocking you from experiencing a "heavenly life" here on Schoolroom Earth today.

Wealth Re-Creation and Inner Worth Transformation with the 12 Archangels, Course 1

Learn the 12 Archangels' alchemical formulas for dissolving financial debt and for recreating your wealth. 
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12 Archangels Guide to Creating a New Financial Reality, Course 2

Learn the Truth about money, and how to grow it in a way that facilitates miraculous change for all concerned.
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Channeling Your Creative Fire

Live webinar classes with audio recording for supporting creative work that will help you thrive in this big time of transformation on Earth
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Heart Power Recovery with the 12 Archangels

Access your greatest attraction power and watch your outer reality mirror the expanding expanse of Heaven within. 
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Healing With Angels II and Living with Angels I

Feel powerful in your humanity, inside and out and trust the door is open for all good things to come to you. 
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Wealth Re-Creation and Inner Worth Transformation, Course 1 and Creating a New Financial Reality, Course 2, Two Course Package

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Do You Feel Angels In Your Midst?

Zoom Webinar Series, June 02, June 09 and June 16.
Roll up your sleeves and change reality with the Angelic Kingdoms helping Earth.
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